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Hotel***, spa, swimming pool, bar and restaurant at Molines-en-Queyras
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After a long, hard day of skiing or hiking what better than a little relaxation !

Guests have free access to the spa area (100m²) with swimming pool (10m x 5m, water temperature of 31°C), jacuzzi,  sauna and Turkish baths.

Towels are available within the spa area and you can bring along the bathrobes from the bedroom.


Savor the benefits of a 100% personalized (non-therapeutic) massage. Professional for more than 10 years in the field of well-being Isabelle invites you to come and discover and enjoy the benefits of a massage specially adapted to your needs. An alliance of different Ayurvedic, Thai, Sports Massage, Draining, Californian, or Energetic techniques promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.


Every day by appointment, Isabelle Robert 06 66 05 90 65.

100% personalized:

Adapted to each according to its constitution, each part of the body is massaged according to its needs.

45min : 50€ – 1h : 65€ 

– 1h30 : 90€

Herbal Pouch Massage:

Triple thermal, aromatic and vegetable action enhancing the benefits of massage for a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation.

1h : 75€

Thaï :

Practice on a mattress on the floor in comfortable clothing provided.
Stretching and pressure points to release tension, relieve pain and restore flexibility to the body.

1h : 65€

Sports Massage:

Recovery massage after exercise allows the body to recover more quickly, reduce fatigue and restore flexibility to its muscles.

1h : 65€

Hot Stone Massage:

The combined effect of the heat of the pebbles and the massage maneuvers make it an ally to chase away stress and tension by stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation and thus, promoting the elimination of toxins.

1h : 65€

Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian):

This body massage with hot oil is suitable for everyone according to their constitution. Stimulates the body, relieves muscle and joint tensions, soothes fatigue and stress. Provides deep relaxation, harmony and balance.

1h : 65€ – 1h30 : 90€

Massages à la carte :

25 min : 35€

Intensif dos nuque
Tête mains pieds
Jambes pieds
Crâne visage
Bons cadeaux ! Offrez plaisir et bien-être à ceux que vous aimez ! 


Tél. +33 (0)4 92 45 83 20
Fax +33 (0)4 92 45 81 85